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Get exposed to photography fundamentals including light, composition, artistic vision, and storytelling. Get to understand the technical aspects of how to get the best images from mobile cameras while also exploring the creative side of mobile photography through the latest editing apps.

Date: 10,11,12 April

Schedule: Bootcamp| 2pm - 6pm

Workshop Duration: 12 hours of sessions 3 hours of various activities

Workshop Fees: JD140

* Space is limited: 50% of the total amount is required as a down payment to secure a spot.

** Bring a sibling or a friend and get 10% discount.

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Meet the Amazing Amer Hammad

I’m a photographer and designer living in Amman, Jordan & Majoring in Computer Graphics & Animation at PSUT.

I have infinite interest and passion in my major, and that qualified me to a scholarship to study a semester in Vilnius university, Lithuania. Ever since I was a ninth grader I’ve been obsessed with photography and film making, and I taught myself a lot of techniques.

I’ve mastered Adobe programs and become certified in Adobe Lightroom.

I’ve worked in this field since 2009 and I’ve started my own business as a private photographer.

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