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In this workshop, You will get exposed to the basics of Video Production and Videography, Sound Recording and Video Lighting Techniques, and Basic Video Editing Using Adobe Premiere. You will produce original short visual projects, which will be written, photographed, and edited by you. 

Date: 29 April - 20 May

Sessions Schedule: Saturdays | 10am - 1pm

Workshop Duration: 12 hours of sessions 3 hours of various activities

Workshop Fees: JD150

* Space is limited: 50% of the total amount is required as a down payment to secure a spot.

** Bring a Sibling or a friend and get 10% discount. 

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Meet the amazing Zaid Bawab

I have always been passionate about pop music, music videos, pop culture and media in general, which led me to do my bachelor's in computer graphics and Animation at PSUT (Princess Sumaya University for Technology) and then a masters in cinematic arts at RSICA (The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts) majoring in script writing and cinematography and minoring in directing. I am currently working as a Director/Producer at the Military Media center and I teach filmmaking related courses at Princess Sumaya University in addition to freelancing. The music videos I directed include the 2014 remake of Mirage's band "‫تقول‬ ‫أهواك‬", Sanad Azizieh's "‫نهار‬ ‫وليل‬", and Rania Al Kurdi's parody rap song "‫وصلت‬" in addition to directing other diverse projects like Commercials, Documentaries and TV segments.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

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