ali barqawi

Meet The Amazing Ali Barqawi

Ali Barqawi is a visual storyteller, a traveler, and an adventurer with keen interest in continuously travelling on journeys of discovery around the world to produce photographic artwork and moving images that document and tell inspiring stories about the love of exploring the hidden beauty of natural and man-made marvels around us. Ali continues to serve the growing base of adventure-seeking clients; by documenting their travel expeditions and sharing their inspiring stories through creating still or moving imagery that visually explore their personal definition of adventure.

amer 03

Meet The Amazing Amer Hammad

His infinite interest and passion for photography qualified him to a scholarship to study a semester in Vilnius University, Lithuania and by the age of 20 he had started his own business as a private photographer. Ever since he has worked with many clients including Moka, Le Méridien, Amman Media, Toastini, The Atelier, Seven Pennies, and others. He also has mastered Adobe programs and is certified in Adobe Lightroom.


Meet The Amazing Jude Abdulhadi

A wanderer, ready to challenge the mainstream, born in the year 1993, month 07, day 28, in the beautiful city of Amman. With an aim to utilize my creativity & crazy passion for life in creating positive influences that will deliver strong messages, infuse happiness, and create a ‘ding’ in people’s lives. I believe that you can never run out of happiness, so don't deprive that beautiful spirit from thinking otherwise! 

maral 03

Meet The Amazing Maral Sarkissian

A graphic designer and a visual artist among many things. A firm believer in the power of initiating charge through aesthetics (Never undermine the power of a good logo!), and the individual ability to impact the world. A supporter of culture shock/shocking culture.


Meet The Amazing Razan Jilani

A spirit that believes in the power of creativity, sarcasm, and design! Studied Design and Visual Communication at the GJU, practicing it in diverse fields around the world with one objective mind, to make the invisible visible. Also happen to be a crazy optimistic spirit that is up for a challenge, not afraid to make mistakes and call them experiences hoping to make a difference with a big fat smile on.

saif 03

Meet The Amazing Saif Amareen

Saif Amareen found his passion for animation when he first watched Toy Story, the first feature length computer animated film, and was captured by the concept of 3D and how animation is pure imagination. To pursue his dream, he went to PSUT and majored in Computer Graphics and Animation His graduation project earned him wide recognition and appreciation among his professors and peers. He loves to share his passion and knowledge with youth and hopes to help them reach to infinity… and beyond! 

Samer Battikhi

Meet The Amazing Samer Battikhi

Samer graduated from SAE Institute Amman with a BA in Digital Filmmaking. For the past couple of years, he worked as an assistant director on several professional sets such as Bath Bayakha season 4, Zain Ramadan TVC, and the short film "Five Boys and a Wheel". He also directed and co-wrote four short films, one of which deals with the article 308 in the Jordanian Penal Code. Moreover, he worked as a production supervisor, lecturing and supervising 1st and 2nd year students at SAE institute.

sima 03

Meet The Amazing Sima Najjar

An experienced entrepreneur who founded 3 companies under the age of 30. “SiMS Agency” for Events and Model Management, “Pinkdust” fashion boutique for showcasing Arab fashion designers, and “Ekeif.com” which mission is to support and enhance Arabic online content and create job opportunities in the MENA region through content creation strategy. With 1000 videos so far Ekeif.com was able to organically attract more than 63 Million video views til August 2016 and more than 233K subscribers. In October 2013, Sima won Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards Laureate for MENA region for Ekeif.com and in 2015, she won first place for Open Hands Initiative for Ekeif.com. In 2016, Ekeif.com was selected with 700 companies around the world to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2016 which was hosted by President Barack Obama in the United States.

Zaid Bawab

Meet The Amazing Zaid Bawab

I have always been passionate about pop music, music videos, pop culture and media in general, which led me to do my bachelor's in computer graphics and Animation at PSUT (Princess Sumaya University for Technology) and then a masters in cinematic arts at RSICA (The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts) majoring in script writing and cinematography and minoring in directing. I am currently working as a Director/Producer at the Military Media center and I teach filmmaking related courses at Princess Sumaya University in addition to freelancing. The music videos I directed include the 2014 remake of Mirage's band "تقولأهواك", Sanad Azizieh's "نهاروليل", and Rania Al Kurdi's parody rap song "وصلت" in addition to directing other diverse projects like Commercials, Documentaries and TV segments.